User Tips for CD-ROM

This cd-rom will operate on any Mac or PC which has a cd-rom player, and requires installation of Adobe Acrobat.

It is formatted in the easy to use pdf format For those unfamiliar with pdf files, following is a brief guide the features of the program and advantages available with this style of viewing files. As demonstrated on Page 4 of the content section (Macro Views), macro images of any detail of a rug may be made larger for closer examination.

Enlarging an overall image to 400% will achieve the desired results while greater magnification results in reduced resolution. Enlarging the detail image of the back of a carpet may be magnified to 600% with satisfactory results.

This zoom effect is enabled through clicking on located at the top of every page.

Alternatively, the zoom effect may be reversed through clicking on also located at the top of every page.

Addtionally, when a photo has been enlarged, one may use the HAND TOOL located in the upper left corner of the Adobe Acrobat tool bar to move around the enlarged image and view the desired detail. This tool bar also contains identical features as are found at the top of every page, with prompts to advance through the text and magnify the images.

To advance through the pages of text and plates, just press on or on to review previously read pages.

The document is best viewed in the FULL SCREEN mode. On a Macintosh, the FULL SCREEN mode may be toggled on and off using the COMMAND and "L" keys. On a PC, the FULL SCREEN mode may be toggled on and off using the CONTROL and "L" keys.

"New York 2003, 30 CP 30 color figures 68 pp. 6 x 5 CD-ROM in New condition. Requires a Macintosh or PC with a CD-ROM drive and Adobe Acrobat reader (available free on their website). Fabulous collection of Turkoman main carpets. Originally published to coincide with the International Conference on Oriental Carpets in the spring of 2003, Bigger is Better - Main Carpets of the Turkmen is dynamic in its own right. An art book on CD, this catalog of exquisite Turkmen main carpets offers the viewer the capability of zooming in on any detail of the thirty rugs using Adobe Acrobat, the PDF file format. Not only does this new format break the mold of art and carpet publications, but the exploration of one type of Turkmen weaving with tribal attributions, short descriptions, pointed references, and detailed technical analyses will establish this CD as a reference work of great value with an appeal to a wide audience." - rugbooks.com

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