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An exciting presentation, artfully produced complete with 30 plates including detail images of the back. The rugs seen on the cd represent some of the finest examples of the Turkmen main carpet format which currently reside in private collections. Included are a classic Salor main carpet, a superlative example of the rare Saryk "temirchen gol" main rug type, the various Yomud group types that are known including tauk noska gol, "C" gol, and one of the earliest "kepse" gol rugs known.

Detail of a Salor main carpet, 18th century

Detail of a Saryk main carpet, 18th century

Also included are the classic Tekke types including a rare "chuval gol" patterned main carpet as well as the classic Chodor design types featuring the "tauk noska" and "ertman" gols. Finally the weavings the Ersari are represented as well with a beautifully coloured, archaic "golli gol" example as well as other extraordinarily rare types, one of which there is no known or published analogy. The introduction of this cd-rom into the market affords the rare opportunity for those with an interest in but not necessarily the access to such rare weavings to become familiar with everything but the actual handle of the pieces themselves.

Detail of a Middle Amu Darya region Ersari main carpet

Detail of a Middle Amu Dayra region Ersari long rug

The cd-rom format allows the viewer to zoom in on details of each rug in such a way that is vastly superior to any detail offered in any standard format rug book. Examine any detail of your choice as closely as you wish, the clear advantage of the medium in which this 'catalogue' is being offered. An unbelievably satisfying experience awaits those who have not shared this opportunity to behold rugs of this quality in person.

Presented with the Hajji Baba Club of New York and The 10th International Conference of Oriental Carpets, Washington DC

Photography by Don Tuttle Photography, Emeryville, CA

Design and production\ Lissi Sigillo and Don Christensen

Published by The Candy Jernigan Foundation for the Arts, Inc. New York, NY

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Page 1-Contents - Page 2-Introduction - Page 3-Layout - Page 4-Macro Views

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